Good Bye Summer, Hello Roots!

As Summer comes to an end, many look in the mirror and see a strange shadow.
What is that shadow, you ask? It's probably your regrowth showing. Or as most call it, Roots.

We love our outdoor activities during the Summer and often don't require that highlight  touch up. The sun seems to keep everything looking bright and light. But, as all good things seem to come to an end, so it goes with our hair. Avoiding that inevitable trip to the salon can only last so long. Eventually people will stare. Or your family will make mention of your neglected tresses.

There are many options when it comes to disappearing that regrowth.
One option is to touch up your highlights, adding new color to the roots.
The other option, which is by far more popular these days, is to blend the regrowth and OMBRE, or add more light, to the ends of hair. We love Ombre.

If it is time for you to rid your hair of that shadow, make an appointment with your colorist today. Chances are with back to school activities and season's end, you may have to wait a bit to get an appointment. Call us and we can take care of you and your color needs.

Enjoy the last of the Summer. And the last of those roots!