Featured Product Thursday

It's Thursday!
That means it is time for us to share our favorite product this week.

Today's Featured Product:

REDKEN Outshine 01
Outshine 01 is an anti-frizz polishing milk.

The Routine:
Use Outshine 01 for mild control of fine to medium textured hair, control of curl, and taming of unruly ends. Apply a pea-sized portion to your hand, emulsify between your palms, and apply evenly throughout the hair. Don't forget the ends!

The Result:
A soft, smooth finish with a matte shine. The 01 tells you that there is very little hold, so no sticky or crisp feel on the finish.

Featured Product Thursday

Today's Featured Product:

REDKEN Extreme CAT Reconstructive Conditioner

CAT is an intensive PROTEIN conditioner that will reform the bonds that make your hair strong. Protein also aids the hair's moisture retention. Using CAT along with your prescribed moisturizing conditioner will greatly improve your hair's condition!

The Routine:*
Use CAT once a week, after shampoo, before your finishing rinse, to obtain the most benefit.

The Result:
Strong, soft, shiny hair from the inside-out!

CAT is available at Hair Galleria in Midtown Sacramento.

*For best results, consult your hair care professional for best use.


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Eyebrow Maintenance

The Eyebrows frame the face.

That being said, when was the last time you paid attention to your brows?
Change your look from nice to WOW, with just a little attention to your brows.

Stop by Hair Galleria Salon in Midtown Sacramento for a Brow Shaping today!

We Love the 80's!

What would you think if we offered you TODAY'S great styles at 80's PRICES?

Don't worry, we won't give you a mullet (unless you really, really want one).
We know things are tight these days. We just don't want your hair to suffer.

Call us at 916-442-1717. Ask for your 80's appointment and enjoy personal salon service from a Master Stylist at 80's prices!

This offer is good for the entire month of September!(*with Jodi)