Westfield Shopping Downtown Plaza

I came across a review of the Downtown Plaza that I completely agree with. It's on Yelp, written by Richard J. I think it is so sad to see how this once fun and attractive mall has become a parking lot for Macy's or the movies. I hope this once thriving area can come back to life!


And the Free Haircut Goes To...

Giving away our services gives us a chance to meet a new face and help a new client freshen their look.

Sorry to say we have no winner this week.

We are sad that we had no participation in our giveaway this week. But, We're not giving up! We will be giving another service away in the near future! Stay tuned!


Win a Haircut at Hair Galleria in Midtown

Are you job-hunting? Meeting up with an old flame? Looking through your bangs like you're in Hair Jail?

Whatever the reason, if you need a haircut, this contest is for you!

How to Enter:
Just leave a comment below this post as to why you need a haircut, Tweet your reason (use @hairgalleria I need a haircut because... in front of your answer), or leave your reason on our Facebook discussion page. We will choose a winner at random from all entires.

Winner will be announced on Friday, January 21, 2011.

Winner will receive:
A Design, Cut, and Style at Hair Galleria, Midtown, Sacramento
This includes a full consultation and a finished style!

Want to win? Leave your comment or reason in any of the ways listed above...Good Luck!


Featured Product Thursday

Yay! It's Thursday. You know what that means! It's time to give you another morsel of product goodness...

Today's Featured Product

Redken's Wool Shake
Innovative gel-slush

Wanna try something totally different for volume and texture? Then you have to try the new Wool Shake from Redken. Wool Shake's medium hold sprays on a texture you can really feel, to add great volume and body.

The Routine:
Dry your style, then shake the bottle to liquify. Spray on a little, and add more if you like, depending on your desired result. Have fun!

The Result:
Great texture, some describe as the feeling of beach hair. Lots of volume and a matte sheen finish.

*Consult with your stylist for your best application method.